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    CIRCLE-MED is a geographical group in the frame of CIRCLE 2 ERA-Net. It addresses issues of common interest to the Mediterranean countries. It aims at creating a Mediterranean research community network through collaborative research projects on Climate Change Impact Research, with the objective to bring the results of this research to policy and decision-makers. ... more about CIRCLE-MED

    CIRCLE-MED projects' situation:  Location of the leading research institution for each CIRCLE MED pilot call project, as well as the planned study sites. Click on the projects’ acronyms or on the study sites to access to the project or study site information.

    News & Updates

    Five health benefits of Vaping

    Everyone knows the health risks that are associated with cigarette smoking. According to numerous studies, cigarette smoking is associated with health issues such as stroke, premature death, lung diseases, cancer, and many others. But if are into smoking, you can avoid cigarette smoking by engaging yourself in vaping. Nevertheless, most people do not know the difference between smoking of cigarette and vaping.

    When smoking a cigarette, smoke is directly into the lungs. However, it is a different case with vaping. Vaping is engaging in an electronic cigarette that does not have chemicals like traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are safe, healthy, and contain numerous health benefits. To get a perfect understanding of vaping search for World Wide Vape. Below are five benefits of vaping.

    Five health benefits of Vaping

    1. No second-hand smoke

    Vaping is smoking, but smoke is not involved. Hence, people around someone smoking electronic cigarettes are not exposed to tobacco smoke. Cigarette smoking has fumes that are harmful to the smoker, children and other people exposed. Happing, vaping does not have second-hand smoke. It is safe and healthy to vape inside the house, and very friendly to public health.

    1. It is the best way to stop smoking

    Most people would love to stop smoking but they cannot. It is because quitting cigarette smoking is not an easy task. Cigarettes contain nicotine, a substance that is very addictive. But with vaping, it is so easy to stop smoking. According to several studies, switching to vaping is the right step for someone who wants to quit tobacco smoking. Vaping is affordable and does not contain harmful substances that are found in cigarettes.

    1. No long-term effects

    Research shows that smoking of e-cigarettes has no long-term effects. Even though vaping might be 100 percent safe, it is better than smoking cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are associated with many long-term effects such as lung diseases, heart diseases, stroke, and even premature death.

    1. Non-nicotine liquids

    A good number of vape juices are manufactured out of non-nicotine liquids. Hence, this is one of the best ways to get out of harmful substances such as nicotine. Nicotine is an element that is known to causes damages to the lungs. Hence, when choosing e-cigarettes, you can pick various flavors to avoid any health risk. However, it is essential to select the vape juices from a reliable source. Vape juices are manufactured from simple ingredients such as vegetable glycerin. Some of the substances are found in food and cosmetics. This means they are safe for use.

    1. Help to solve public health problems

    The world is facing a health crisis due to cigarette smoking. Recent findings show that more than 400,000 people are dying every year due to smoking of tobacco sticks. This means tobacco smoking is deadly than diseases such as cancer and Aids. Hence, due to the public health crisis, it is important to have a solution. And the best solution is having e-cigarettes. Vaping is safe, healthy, and does not have long-term health effects associated with traditional cigarettes. It is a solution that makes the smoker safe and the people around him as well.

    What complications should a patient expect after a spinal cord surgery

    Surgeries are a necessity sometimes to completely heal our bodies. Although they are very essential, they are often accompanied with a set of complications. It is the price we pay in order to get a speedy recovery from a medical condition. There are several factors that affect the complications of any surgery.  Spinal surgery is one of the complicated surgeries. Make sure to choose the best surgeons. Search for spine surgeon near me and you will be able to access the reviews about the surgeons in your locality.

    Age Gender Health conditions Smoking

    Spinal cord surgeries are of the most delicate surgeries ever performed. They are often smooth, but they are accompanied with several possible complications. Here are the major ones:


    Bleeding is usually due to the cut in a major blood vessel. There are plenty of techniques doctors may resort to to close the surgical wound or open it with the minimum amount of blood lost, yet it is possible that he might cut a vessel on his way. Rest assured that surgeons do their best to minimize such a thing.


    This is one of the rare complications of spinal surgeries. It is very unlikely to happen, but when it does, it happens on the level of the skin where the wound is. Do not worry about that, because most of doctors prescribe antibiotics for patients prior to the surgery. Some of the symptoms of infection would be, fever, pain, red swollen wound, yellow pus coming out of the wound, or bad smell surrounding the wound area.

    Blood clots

    It’s not only a complication of spinal surgeries, it is a complication of most surgeries. Blood clots are formed usually because the body is usually trying to stop any bleeding from the surgery. Since this blood clotting mode is on, the body might cause blood clots to form within the blood vessels and veins.

    These blood clots are often formed in the leg, calves, and the lower body, it’s a high chance they might land in the lungs. These blood clots can be detected by increased pain, swollen calves, cough, breathlessness, or chest pain.

    Dural tear

    Dural tear is a tear that happen on the layer that surround the spinal cord. Such a tear can happen during the operation, your doctor may be able to detect iit and repair it instantly. Otherwise, it will most probably heal on its own. If it doesn’t , the patient will feel a constant headache (spinal headache). Therefore, patients are expected to tell the medical team about all of the symptoms they are feeling.

    Anesthesia complications

    Anesthesia complication include lung and breathing problems. In some extreme but rare cases, anesthesia, if not performed well, may cause a heart attack, stroke, brain damage, or even death. This is very unlikely, but they are an indicator that you should tell your doctor about all of your health conditions and habits, especially if they include drug consumption, alcoholism, or even smoking.

    After the surgery, the patient should expect persistent pain in their body. The healing process after a spinal surgery often takes longer than any other surgery. However, a few months after the operation, a remarkable decrease in pain should take place.

    How to lose weight naturally_ know the important steps to lose weight.

    Obesity is a matter of concern for a large number   of individuals who are in search of how to lose weight naturally so that they will get rid of the excess fat from their body. This is the best way of losing weight as it is safe, natural and effective as you will not have to worry about any kind of side effects when you opt for these methods for losing weight from your body. As a health conscious individual, you should look for natural ways to lose weight and it should include ample amount of physical activities, balanced diet and change in everyday routine that will assist you to lose weight.

     How to lose weight naturally- know the steps

     Fruits and vegetables in diet-

    the best way to lose weight naturally is to add a good amount of fruits and vegetables into your everyday diet as it will help you get the desired amount of fiber that will help you lose weight. Moreover it will also help in stimulating your digestive tract so that you will energize your body and enjoying losing weight naturally without any kind of side effects.

     Less portion of meal-

    rather than consuming a large amount of food at one time, you should break it into smaller portions so that you can lose weight gradually and you will need to formulate the everyday diet so that you can get the desired results within a short span of time. You should avoid eating fried and junk foods as these are considered as the most common culprit that can make you gain a lot of weight. But you should go for boiled and steamed foods as it will help you lose weight and you should add more fruits and vegetables so that you can get rid of the excess fat from your body. Check the red tea detox recipe to get more information about weight loss diet regimes.

    Drink a lot of water-

    apart from the diet; you also need to pay attention to the water intake as you should never underestimate the importance of drinking a lot of water every day. Water is very important for helping all the organs of the body to function in an optimal manner as it also help in regulating your appetite so that you will not overeat. Losing weight with water is a safe, natural and effective way of losing weight and it will prevent your body from water retention as it will also help in increasing the metabolism rate of the body.

     Physical activities-

    adding exercise and other physical activities like swimming and running into your everyday routine is also very effective in helping you lose weight because when you sweat, it will help in burning the calories from the body in an effective manner. The excess fat from the body will be removed when you indulge in these physical activities on a regular basis and you will enjoy living a healthy life. Active lifestyle is also a major contribution for helping you lose weight and you will not have to worry about being obese when you gain weight with unhealthy lifestyles.


    Things You Should Know Before You Go For A Hike

    Things You Should Know Before You Go For A Hike  So you are thinking of going for a hike? Well, hiking is among the best outdoor activity. It is fit for your health, both physical and mental. Planned properly, hiking is extremely enjoyable and fun.At the same time you need to careful in every step that you take. Check out stay safe hiking in the Nevada desert.Planning is important regardless of whether you want to go for a walk in the woods or on an epic journey. Below are things you should know before you go for a hike.


      Make A Decision On How Long Your Hike Will Last

    Hiking can take a day or longer depending on what you want to achieve. Trails can last for a day. In that case, then, you won’t require a tent. More so, your packing will be light as you don’t need changing clothes.  Select a hike depending on the time at your disposal. Do you have the whole weekend? Or just have a few hours on a Sunday afternoon?

    Decide Whether You’ll Be Hiking With A Group/Friend Or Alone

    Some people like hiking alone. In such a case, they should share their trail plans with close members of their families. You need to let their families know when they’ll leave as well as when they plan to come back.  Though hiking alone is a form of mobile meditation, it’s more dangerous than hiking with a group/friend. If you intend to hike into the wilderness, it is advisable to buddy up with a group or friend. This can be a perfect opportunity to bond. This is, of course, great if your friend or group members have more experience in hiking.


    Test your hiking gear

    Before you go for a hike, it is important to check the condition of your gear. Spend time trying out everything to ensure it is in good condition. it would be disappointing to go hiking only to notice that some stuff is in bad shape.  Similarly, do not overpack in such a way that your backpack gets heavy. Just pack plenty of water and snacks such as protein bars or apples. Your first priority is to stay hydrated. You can connect a straw tube to your water bladder to ensure you carry enough water. A big water bottle can work well also.

     Wear Most Comfortable Clothes And Shoes

    Hiking is not a show of how cute your clothes or shoes will look good on you. Instead, it is about wearing clothes and footwear that you are comfortable in. you can wear an over-sized t-shirt and yoga capris. Or shorts and a tank top. Wear shoes that have great tread on the bottoms. Further, put on a hat to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.


     Stay Safe

    In as much as you would want to spare some time to enjoy the beauty; you should be cautious about potential dangers. As a basic safety rule, you should avoid eating, picking or touching fruits, flowers, and plants along the way.  Study some safety precautions in case you want to hike in a location with bears, mountain lions, poisonous snakes, and any dangerous wildlife. Tuck your long pants into socks and wear long sleeves to safeguard against bugs and insects. Moreover, use bug spray and avoid strongly-scented hair and skin products.

    hiking difficulty

    The Bottom Line

    By now, you must be having an idea of the things you should know before you go for a hike. So, now it’s your turn to plan a hike this coming weekend. Just grab some snacks, plenty of water, strap on comfortable shoes, invite a friend and explore the world.

    Why is sleep necessary for a person?

    We often have kids asking the parents this question, and sometimes even we fall under the same tree when our loved ones keep asking us to go to sleep or sometimes they would even drag to our beds and put us to sleep. We often wonder why it is essential for a person to sleep. We can have something that will keep us up and then continue with the work that we are so interested in doing. But the major problem is that we forget that our bodies are not machines. Hence it is essential that our bodies need some rest after work. If you still think that sleep is just a waste of time, here are a few of the pointers the will convince you of how important sleep is and also go to the site fix sleep schedule in order to learn more about the importance of sleep.

    To keep your eyes open behind the wheels:

    If you have a bad sleep cycle or barely have any sleep at all, you will feel like you are driving under the influence of alcohol. You will neither be able to see the traffic nor will you be able to keep an open eye. Even if you do succeed in keeping an open eye, you will not be able to concentrate on the road. Thus it is essential that you have a healthy sleep cycle in order to have a clear mind as you are riding your vehicle.

    You get more alert:

    This is one of the highest plus points that you can get by having a good sleep. When you are sleeping adequately and then engaging in a day’s activity, you will be able to be to be more alert, and you will make the right decisions. You will not be in a dazed state when you have an adequate amount of sleep. Thus it is essential to have a proper amount of rest or sleep to keep your mind and body active throughout the day. Even sleeping for a longer time will result in your body becoming more lazy and unhealthy.

    You feel healthy:

    You need to have a healthy sleep cycle to have a good and healthy body. Coupled along with good sleep cycle make sure that you also have a healthy exercise in the morning. Exercise helps you to burn all the fat content in your body completely. This helps you to get that perfect body that you are looking for. Many don’t understand that a proper sleep cycle is an integral part of a workout. Without proper sleep, it is hard to achieve the desired fitness.

    All of the above reasons would have made you understand the importance of proper sleep, and the effects of not have a proper sleep cycle.

    Circle Med Guide 101: Ways to stay fit

    To have a proper and fit body is a very common desire. But there are only a few who actually follow certain things to be fit. The desire to be fit might be very common and an easy one to dream. In reality, it is really not that easy to stay fit. One needs to have a proper diet and indulge in regular workouts. These two might sound easy but hard to follow.

    Being fit is not just about having a good physique or having a fit body. Fitness is actually a way of life that actually helps us in a lot of ways. Indulging in fitness can be a huge stress buster and can help in reducing anxiety.  Some surgeons actually recommend their patients to involve themselves in fitness routines after some cirurgia initma which means intimate surgery.  Here are some tips that will help you be fit.

    Move your body

    Having nostalgia about BSB? Well, that is not what we meant. Indulge in some physical activity. It is one of the basic things to do when it comes to fitness. Working all day sitting in the chair and coming back home spending time in front of the TV is not going to help you in any way. Physical activity is the best way to burn the calories that you have consumed. Just the normal things a morning walk, running or jogging will definitely have a lot of impact on your fitness.

    Proper diet

    Many have this misconception about diet and fitness. Being fit and being lean are two different things. In the name, proper diet people cut down on the amount of food they eat. Some even take thing further by cutting an entire meal. It is important to consume healthy food. Avoid junk food as much as possible. Junk food is one the major reason to gain weight and accumulate unwanted calories in your body. Having a proper diet is like reaching half the way where you want to be when it comes to fitness.

    Hydrate your body

    When you are indulging in physical activity, the loss of water is comparatively high. Hence it is mandatory to keep your body hydrated. Most of the body functions depend on water. Dehydration affects the body in many ways. Keeping your body hydrated is very much important as it plays a major role in fitness.

    The calorie count

    Make a note of how much calories and how much you are burning on a regular basis. This helps you to keep track. Keeping track of the calories lets you what the changes that need to be done. There are possibilities that you might be burning excess calories. So keeping track always comes handy.

    Relay on the technology

    There a lot of application, websites, and blogs that really gives some useful information regarding fitness. Most of them are available for free. Check them out and follow their instruction. It really helps a lot and has a very positive impact on your health and fitness.


    What Are Inversion Tables and What Are the Benefits?

    The Inversion tables are considered to be very helpful in treating the back pain problems as they are designed to relieve some stress on the spine. Your spine can be decompressed when your feet are higher than your head. The inversion table helps you stay in such a position for as long as you want. The decompressed spine can help in relieving pain and pressure.

    If you are suffering from heart disease, glaucoma, or hypertension, we strongly recommend that you should try this technique because inversion tables can give a boost to those diseases and it will become very difficult for you to control those diseases. Therefore, it is important that you take help from your healthcare provider before giving a try to inversion tables.

    In this article, we will take a look at some benefits of inversion tables. This will help you find the answers to your questions about inversion tables. Thus, you’d be able to decide that whether an inversion therapy is good for your health or not. Here are some amazing benefits that you can obtain from inversion therapy.

    General Back Pain Relief

    The inversion table provides you the full-spine traction to relieve the general back pain. The gravity that has compressed the spine can be reversed with the help of the inversion table. The compressed spine may also lead you to pinched nerves. The inversion tables help in reducing the pressure on the discs and they can play important role in stretching your spine while you are hanging upside down.

    Joint Pain Relief

    Your joints may start experiencing some stress after the workout. This usually happens when you get involved in the intense workout. The muscles can be stretched and elongated with the help of an inversion table. As a result, it may help in relieving the joint pain. Activities like tennis or golf can make you suffer from some minor misalignments. The research has shown that you can find a solution to this problem with the help of inversion table.

    Lymph system

    The waste from the lymphatic system can be flushed when you are hanging upside down. The lactic acid and other wastes can cause pain in several muscles of your body. And these wastes cannot be removed unless you get involved in the inversion process.

    Blood circulation

    In your everyday routine, the blood flows into your body in a single direction. This direction can only be changed when you are hanging upside down. Fortunately, you can perform this task with the help of the inversion table. Thus, it will help in improving the blood flow in your body.

    If you want to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits of inversion tables, you must consider buying the best rated inversion table otherwise, you’d keep regretting your decision and you’d have to invest more money on buying another inversion table after a specific period of time.

    Recent Medical Case Studies Showing Improvements Made by Chiropractors

    Chiropractors are receiving more and more patients every day and they are not happy about this situation at all. A doctor’s real success is considered to be the day when there is no patient in his clinic. But the situation is completely opposite here and every day some new patients are coming to the hospital with broken bones.

    In this article, we are going to take a look at some recent case studies that show the improvements made by Chiropractors. But before that, we would like to recommend that you must immediately contact the Chiropractor 28216 if you ever need the help of an expert Chiropractor. Here are some case studies showing improvements made by Chiropractors.

    Karen’s Chronic Back Pain

    Karen is a doctor that has been successfully treating the patients with low back pain for years. Karen started suffering from the longstanding back pain due to a slip and fall injury. The injury was caused about ten years ago. She constantly kept suffering from pains but she didn’t pay any attention to that.

    However, the pains started growing as she grew old and the pains became more and more frequent and longer lasting. She was suffering from lumbar discogenic pain.

    The expert chiropractors prepared a proper plan to treat her pain. The chiropractors recommended her to stop carrying heavy loads. Her SI joint and bursa was heavily damaged due to the weakness in the hip muscles. So, they started focusing on her core stability and strength with a Lumbopelvic stability program.

    It took only 2 weeks and her symptoms became under control. She is now being very careful about her muscles and following the protective measures the chiropractors suggested. If you are also suffering from a similar condition, you must get in touch with an expert Chiropractor.

    David – the athlete

    David was suffering from the back for more than 2 weeks. Due to prolonged bouts of sitting and cross fit workouts, he was suffering from acute low back pain. The Chiropractors prepared a plan to deal with this issue. They helped him protect his back in different environments. Then they treated the injured lumbar disc tissue. In order to manage flare-ups and prevent the re-injuries, they established a self-care program.

    It took only 3 weeks and his low back pain became under control. He was recommended to quit the CrossFit workout for a few weeks. After 4 weeks he was capable of continuing his workout. There are many other relevant cases that found the solution to their problem within a few weeks and now they are spending their life normally. So, if you want to continue a normal by properly treating your back pain or other aches, you must contact a chiropractor.

    How Air Quality in Your Home Affects Your Health?

    If you want to live a happy and healthy life, then you must regularly clean your home so that the environment may stay clean and you may breathe in fresh and healthy air. It is an obvious fact that the air, we breathe in, puts a very serious effect on our health as we consistently inhale and exhale the air while we are breathing.

    In this situation, it is extremely important that we keep the environment of our home completely neat and clean so that we may spend a happy and healthy life. This is just because we spend a lot of time in our homes and if the environment of the home is not clean, then our health would definitely be affected. Therefore, you must focus on regularly cleaning your home and you should also regularly clean different accessories in your home after regular intervals.

    In this article, we are going to talk about the effects that air quality can put on your health. Thus, you’d prepare yourself for these issues and you’d definitely start protecting yourself to stay safe from these problems. Here is some important information about how air quality affects your health in your home.

    Mold and fungus

    Mold and fungus are the most dangerous elements in your home that may put a severe effect on your health. These elements continuously affect the air that you breathe in and as a result, they make you suffer from several health issues. In this situation, the only thing you can do is to take all the safety precautions that can help in preventing mold and fungus in your home.

    You must make sure that you regularly check the areas where mold and fungus may start appearing in your home. If you find the mold in a particular place in your home, you should take immediate steps to remove it. However, if you are unable to completely remove it, you should immediately get in touch with the experts so that they can remove it for you.

    Air Ducts

    The air ducts can also put a severe impact on the air quality in your home. This affected air quality may put a direct impact on your health. The air ducts become dirty and contaminated with the passage of the time. So, it is your responsibility to regularly clean them from all kinds of dust and contamination. We recommend that you must consider using the Spotless Ducts in your home because cleaning process for the spotless ducts is easier than the standard ducts.


    The carpets are a very important part of our lives these days but these carpets may also become a threat to your health if you did not clean them regularly. The carpets keep absorbing the dirt and other harmful materials in them. We should regularly vacuum the carpets to prevent the harmful effects of these materials. You should also call the carpet cleaning company at least once in a year so that they can clean your carpet for you.

    A mini hikers guide to Nevada desert

    Hiking is a fun adventure, regardless of the age or gender. However, hiking in the desert is not the same as hiking in the woods. High temperatures, sunburns, and dehydration are the main risks for every desert hiker.

    It’s a shame to miss the excitement of hiking in Nevada desert. The beautiful creeks and thousand-years-old rock formation will take your breath away. The most exciting part – you might be able to see native wildflowers that are blooming once in every ten years!

    safe hiking in desert

    So, bring on your hiking spirit and read these guidelines for having a safe hiking trail run.

    #1 Pack the essentials

    The best way to keep your belonging is a backpack, but many hikers (especially the beginners) have the wrong information on what they should bring on a hiking tour. Due to high temperatures and overall weather conditions, you don’t need to pack all the stuff that you’d want to. Stay safe hiking in the Nevada desert: a wallet, a first aid kit, food, water, suncream, and wipes. You should also pack a cell phone and a GPS device.  

    #2 Sunglasses, hat, and suncream

    Deserts can be really tough when it comes to heat. The average temperature in Nevada desert during May is 100 degrees, which is steaming hot if you are not used to it. Because of that, you should bring a suncream, hat, and sunglasses which will help you deal with sunburns. Appropriate clothing can also help in preventing sunburns, especially during hot hours. Make sure you bring comfortable (not fashionable!) clothes made of cotton – synthetic materials are not good for heat and can cause a rash. Pick light colors – black absorbs heat from sunlight, and can actually increase the temperature of your body. You will feel as it was hotter than it actually is, which can lead to overheating and over–sweating. Both are not good nor safe for a fun desert hiking tour!

    #3 Water, and… more water!

    Резултат слика за hiking in desert

    One of the essential tips for a safe hiking tour in a desert is to keep your hydration level high. Why? Since you’re exposed to the sun for an extended period of time – we know that hikers like to set up a goal and stick to it, no matter what! – your body will increase thermoregulation. In order to save itself from the heat, your body will start to lose water (through the sweat). If you’re not maintaining the level of hydration, you might feel dizziness, headache, and eventually collapse. However, bringing a proper quantity of water supplies might be difficult, especially if you plan long tours.

    #4 Find a shelter

    If you’re planning to sleep in the desert, make sure you bring a tent. That is a manageable idea if you’re going on a shorter rounds, but if you’re planning to go really deep into the desert, you might want to look out for a shelter. Another thing to think about while you’re planning to sleep outside is a night temperature. The temperature drop during nighttime can be a serious challenge if you’re not used to it. Make sure you bring some additional clothing that you can use during sleeping hours.

    #5 High-energy snacks

    Just as water, the food is also an important part of a safe hiking tour. If you’re going for a longer round, make sure you bring something that is edible even after being exposed to the sun and heat. Don’t bring any snacks – bring something that will keep you going and not make you feel sleepy after you’ve eaten it. If you’re not nurturing your body properly, you’re risking to feel dizzy and disoriented.