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CIRCLE-MED Agenda and Events


MEDCODYN 1st scientific project meeting

Address: Sabaudia, Italy
Date: 19 Dec 2008 / 21 Dec 2008

CLIMBIOMEDNET Kick off Meeting

Address: Montpellier, France
Date: 07 Jan 2009 / 08 Jan 2009

CLIMWAT Kick off meeting

Address: Lisbon
Date: 05 March 2009 / 06 March 2009
INTERMED International Workshop and kick off meeting
Intertidal Organisms as proxy for climate change
Date: 08 March 2009 / 14 March 2009

WATERKNOW meeting to define issues in the Taheddart basin

Address: Tanger
Date: 14 March 2009 / 16 March 2009


Dahlem type workshop
Address: Vigo, Spain
Date: 14 April 2009 / 18 April 2009


Dahlem type workshop (exact dates to be precised)
Address: Soller, Spain
Date: 15 June 2009 / 20 June 2009

MEDCODYN 2nd scientific project meeting

Address: Sidi Boughaba, Morocco
Date: 24 June 2009 / 25 June 2009
CIRCLE Workshop on Decision Support Systems
Date: 16 July 2009 / 16 July 2009

WATERKNOW project meeting

Address: Ravenna, Italy
Date: 31 Aug 2009 / 01 Sept 2009
CIRCLE Final and Outlook Conference
The CIRCLE ERA-Net aims at supporting the creation of a European Research Area
(ERA) for research on climate change, via the involvement of the most important
national research programmes and their commitment towards joint transnational
Address: Vienna, Austria
Date: 09 Sept 2009 / 10 Sept 2009

CANTICO project Meeting

Date: 07 Oct 2009 / 09 Oct 2009

CLIMBIOMEDNET Meeting on biodiversity issues

Address: Lecce, Italy
Date: 23 Oct 2009 / 26 Oct 2009
CIRCLE-MED Mid Term Seminar
This event is an internal Mid term review of the CIRCLE-MED projects.
Address: Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: mojaisky@verseaudeveloppement.com
Date: 18 Nov 2009 / 19 Nov 2009

CLIMWAT Mid Term Workshop

Workshop - Assessing and managing the imapct of climate change on water resources in coastal wetlands
Address: Marrakech, Morocco
Contact: tibor.stigter@ist.utl.pt
Date: 29 March 2010 / 30 March 2010

Medcodyn meeting with stakeholders and managers for the development of management plan and initialisation of the long term monitoring programme (early april)

Early April - Medcodyn meeting in Sidi Boughaba with stakeholders and managers for the development of management plan and initialisation of the long
Address: Sidi Boughaba
Contact: loiselle@unisi.it
Date: 01 April 2010 / 10 April 2010

CANTICO partners meeting

The meeting will be held in Tunisia, and will focus on Regional Risk Assessment. Furthermore, the second day a stakeholders meeting will take place
Address: Tunisia
Contact: fsantoro@unive.it
Date: 19 May 2010 / 20 May 2010

Medcodyn collaborative research meeting and field work to study recent changes in biogeochemical dynamics of the Vaccarès and related lagoons (early June)

Date: 01 June 2010 / 15 June 2010
CIRCLE-2 ERA Net Kick off meeting
Address: Dublin
Date: 15 June 2010 / 16 June 2010
SWIM 21 - 21st Salt Water Intrusion Meeting
Address: StMiguel, Azores, Portugal
Date: 21 June 2010 / 25 June 2010
AQUIMED project Final conference
Address: Azemour, Meknès (Morocco)
Contact: nicolas.faysse@cirad.fr
Date: 06 Dec 2010 / 08 Dec 2010
Séminaire de valorisation des projets CIRCLE-MED au Maroc
CIRCLE-MED and the High Commissariat for Water and Forests and Fight against Desertification of Morocco (Haut Commissariat aux Eaux et Forêts et à la Lutte Contre la Désertification) jointly organized a seminar on December 14th 2010, in Rabat, in order to support the dialogue between the CIRCLE-MED projects with Moroccan scientific teams and the policy-makers.
Four projects (AQUIMED, CLIMWAT, MEDCODYN and WATERKNOW) presented their results and more particularly the results from the Moroccan case studies to a panel of national and regional policy makers. The need for the science-policy dialogue was stressed by all participants who expressed the wish to further develop the links created during these projects.
Address: Institut Scientifique de Rabat, Université Mohammed V - Agdal, Maroc
Contact: mojaisky@verseaudeveloppement.com
Date: 14 Dec 2010 / 14 Dec 2010
IS-ENES & CIRCLE2 Workshop on bridging climate research data and the needs of the impact community
Address: Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact: m.heinen@programmabureauklimaat.nl
Date: 11 Jan 2011 / 12 Jan 2011
CIRCLE-MED Final Conference Coping with Climate Change in Mediterranean Coastal Areas – the Water Management Challenge

At the final conference the researchers presented the results from the CIRCLE-MED projects.
These results will be debated with scientists, research funders and -managers and policy makers.
In conclusion, possible joint publications, and the possibility of a future joint call were discussed.



Address: Aix-en-Provence, France
Contact: mojaisky@verseaudeveloppement.com
Date: 22 March 2011 / 23 March 2011
5th European Coastal Lagoon Symposium
CIRCLE-MED projects will participate to the Session 'Coastal lagoon properties in the context of climate change'

Address: University of Aveiro, Portugal
Date: 25 July 2011 / 30 July 2011
Session on Adaptation Strategies at the European Meteorological Society’s 11th Annual Meeting.
Jointly convened by CIRCLE-2 ERA-Net and the Environmental Agency of Slovenia

Address: Berlin, Germany
Contact: markus.leitner@umweltbundesamt.at
Date: 12 Sept 2011 / 16 Sept 2011

Other Events

Passed events

Regional Seminar on Climate Change in the Mediterranean
Address: Marseille
Date: 22 Oct 2008 / 23 Oct 2008
Conference on Climate Change Adaptation and Water
Address: Brussels
Date: 12 March 2009 / 13 March 2009
5th World Water Forum
Address: Istanbul
Date: 16 March 2009 / 22 March 2009
CIRCE project, 2nd Year General Assembly
Address: Bologne
Date: 18 March 2009 / 20 March 2009
AQUATERRA project Final Conference
Address: Tubingen
Date: 25 March 2009 / 27 March 2009
European Geosciences Union, General Assembly, EGU 2009
Address: Vienna
Date: 19 April 2009 / 24 April 2009
6th FEMIP Conference: Sustainable Water Financing and Climate Change in the Mediterranean
6th FEMIP Conference, jointly organised by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Principality of Monaco

Address: Monaco
Date: 10 May 2009 / 11 May 2009
Ground Water Recharge Assessment
Address: Norwich, UK
Date: 20 May 2009 / 21 May 2009
Final STRIVER Conference: Integrated water resource management in theory and practice
Address: Brussels, Belgium
Date: 28 May 2009 / 29 May 2009
CIRCLE Workshop National Adaptation Strategies 2009
Address: Budapest, Hungary
Date: 17 June 2009 / 18 June 2009

Organisé par l'ONEMA et le programme GICC du MEEDDAT

(French language only)

Address: Paris, France
Date: 29 June 2009 / 30 June 2009
Climate prediction and information for decision-making
3rd WMO World Climate Conference
Address: Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 31 Aug 2009 / 04 Sept 2009
Workshop Science–policy interactions in national adaptation policy
co-organised with CIRCLE ERA-NET
Address: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Contact: robbert.biesbroek@wur.nl
Date: 14 Sept 2009 / 15 Sept 2009
2nd International Conference Biohydrology 2009
Address: Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: 21 Sept 2009 / 24 Sept 2009
CIRCLE Workshop on Cost-Benefit in Adapting to Climate Change 2009
Address: Bonn, Germany
Date: 24 Sept 2009 / 24 Sept 2009
9th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology (ECAM)

European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Address: Toulouse, France
Date: 28 Sept 2009 / 02 Oct 2009
The Water Framework Directive: emerging water management challenges
Address: Lille, France
Date: 29 Sept 2009 / 30 Sept 2009
Marie Curie Summer School "Climate Change and Natural Resources: Impacts and Water Challenge"

SUSTAINABLE USE OF WATER IN AGRICULTURE: Indicators and trends for water resources conservation

Deadline for applications: April 30 2009


Address: Venice, Italy
Date: 05 Oct 2009 / 09 Oct 2009
International Seminar on River Basin Management and Cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
International Network of River Basins Organisations
Address: Beyrouth, Lebanon
Date: 06 Oct 2009 / 09 Oct 2009
COP 15 Copenhagen
Address: Copenhagen
Date: 07 Dec 2009 / 18 Dec 2009
4th European Conference on Coastal Lagoons Research
Address: Montpellier, France
Date: 14 Dec 2009 / 18 Dec 2009
7th FEMIP Conference on Research, development and innovation, keys for a sustainable development in the Mediterranean
Organised by EIB and the Republic of Tunisia
Address: Tunis
Date: 15 March 2010 / 15 March 2010
Regional Meeting: Adaptation to Climate Change in the Maghreb: Review and Outlook
organized by the National Committee of IGBP Morocco, in Casablanca, with the CCAA support from IDRC.
Address: Casablanca, Morocco
Date: 16 March 2010 / 17 March 2010
Kick-off meeting of Pegaso FP7 project
Address: Venice, Italy
Contact: fsantoro@unive.it
Date: 12 April 2010 / 14 April 2010
The Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Water: Adoption of the Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean
This conference must approve the Strategy for the Mediterranean on water issues.
Address: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 13 April 2010 / 13 April 2010
All at Sea? Synergies between past and present coastal processes and ecology
Address: Loughborough University, UK
Date: 22 April 2010 / 23 April 2010
5th International Conference on the "Water Resources in the Mediterranean Basin" (WATMED5)
Address: Lille, France
Contact: mailto:watmed5@univ-lille1.fr
Date: 26 May 2010 / 28 May 2010
Cycle de séminaires - Adaptation au changement climatique - Session 2 : Zones vulnérables
Dans le cadre de cette deuxième session du cycle de séminaires sur l'adaptation au changement climatique seront présentés des exemples de recherches menées en France, au Québec et dans certains pays francop
Date: 15 June 2010 / 16 June 2010
INSPIRE Conference 2010: Spatial Data Infrastructure as a Framework for Collaboration
Address: Krakow, Poland
Date: 23 June 2010 / 25 June 2010
5th Environmental Symposium of German-Arab scientific forum for environmental studies - Impact of Global Warming on Water Resources in the Middle East and North Africa
Deadline for preliminary registration and abstracts is April 15th, 2010
Address: Byblos, Lebanon
Contact: info@german-arab-scientific-forum.de
Date: 20 Sept 2010 / 21 Sept 2010
UNESCO FRIEND 2010 Conference
The objective of the conference is to present the results of the UNESCO FRIEND (Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data) research programme that have stimulated international cooperation to meet local and r
Address: Fès, Morocco
Date: 25 Oct 2010 / 29 Oct 2010
IWRM Net Final Conference "Improving Cooperation in Fresh Water Research across Europe"
Address: Brussels, Belgium
Date: 01 Dec 2010 / 03 Dec 2010
Workshop on Resilience, Water, Aquatic Environment and Foresight
Registration open until January 14th.
Address: Montpellier, France
Date: 18 Jan 2011 / 19 Jan 2011
CIRCLE2-Mountain kick-off Meeting "Needs and opportunities in CC impacts, vulnerability and adaptation research in mountain area"
Address: Chambéry, France
Contact: markus.leitner@umweltbundesamt.at
Date: 02 Feb 2011 / 03 Feb 2011
Ground Water 2011 Conference
Gestion des ressources en eau souterraine
Address: Orléans, France
Date: 14 March 2011 / 16 March 2011
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011
Address: Vienna, Austria
Date: 03 April 2011 / 08 April 2011
ICCAFFE 2011 Congress, Climate Change, Agrifood, Fisheries and Ecosystems
Address: Agadir, Morocco
Contact: benhassi@gmail.com
Date: 19 May 2011 / 21 May 2011
ESF-MedCLIVAR Final Conference - Mediterranean Climate: From Past to Future
MedCLIVAR (Mediterranean Climate Variability and Predictability) is an international program, sponsored by the European Science Foundation and endorsed by CLIVAR, which aims at coordinating and promoting the study of the Mediterranean climate.
Address: Lecce, Italy
Date: 06 June 2011 / 09 June 2011
AEHMS10 Conference The Aquatic Ecosystem Puzzle: Threats, Opportunity and Adaptation
Address: Siena, Italy
Contact: loiselle@unisi.it
Date: 13 June 2011 / 15 June 2011
Restitution du projet CLIMSEC
La ressource en eau et les sécheresses figurent au premier rang des préoccupations liées aux impacts du changement
climatique. Le projet CLIMSEC sur l'impact du changement climatique sur la sécheresse et l'eau du sol en France apporte
un éclairage nouveau sur ces questions, grâce à une reconstitution des événements passés et à des projections
climatiques sur le XXIe siècle.

Le séminaire de restitution du projet se tiendra à Météo-France à Toulouse le 30 juin 2011.

Address: Toulouse, France
Date: 30 June 2011 / 30 June 2011
IWRA XIVth World Water Congress, Adaptive Water Management: Looking to the Future
Address: Porto de Galinhas, Brazil
Date: 25 Sept 2011 / 29 Sept 2011
The International Conference Dynamic Deltas on Safety and Sustainability in rural delta regions
Address: Vlissingen, the Netherlands.
Date: 17 April 2012 / 20 April 2012
BALWOIS 2012 - 5th International Scientific Conference on Water, Climate and Environment
Address: Orhid, Rep. of Macedonia
Date: 28 May 2012 / 02 June 2012