New to yoga? Check out these different types of yoga and see which one is best for you

As a beginner, you might be heard something about yoga and how it can benefit your general health, sleeping problems, reducing stress and anxiety and feeling better overall. But do you know exactly what type of yoga is the best one for you? There are over a dozen different types of yoga, all of which are designed to hit the specific problem in your body and mind harmony.

The most common types of yoga for beginners are:



The most basic type of yoga, suited for every beginner. It actually doesn’t involve a special type and the postures and moves are gentler than in some other yogas. Hatha basically teaches you the most common physical postures you will be using in some other types of yoga. The key in executing the postures is focusing on holding on the posture for a few breaths.


If you don’t want a gentle start and have a history of fitness or sports, the perfect type of yoga to start from is ashtanga. It’s a challenging practice which contains six series of sequenced yoga poses that are repeated in a particular order. It may be difficult to learn the whole sequence on a first class, but don’t worry – you will get there shortly. Ashtanga is known for repeating the same poses in the exact order during each class, therefore you should also have a good memory in order to remember the sequence fast. The usual teaching style of Ashtanga yoga is Mysore, where you will be performing the series on your own while the teacher will walk around the room and assist if necessary. This type of yoga is ideal for perfectionists and people who are generally accustomed to ordering and predictable pattern.



If you want to slow things down a little bit and not to rush off to a dynamic type of yoga as ashtanga, you should try iyengar. This type of yoga is an ideal pick for people who are detail-oriented because it requires executing different postures while keeping in mind the body alignment. That means you will hold an each posture for a certain period of time. The main goal is to move in a safe and effective manner.



One of the most challenging types of yoga is Bikram. It consists of 26 poses in a series of two breath exercises performed in a heated room (105 degrees, 40% humidity). The sequence lasts for 90 minutes. This is a great choice for those who likes intense workouts and challenging rhythm. If you want a less number of repeats, you should try out hot yoga. It’s basically similar to Bikram, except it doesn’t require so many repeats.


Another extremely dynamic type of yoga is vinyasa, which is all about gaining and maintaining the flow and movement. Typically, it’s performed with music, since the movements are reflecting dance routines and poses. It’s an ideal match for those who are into rising heart rate and pumping adrenaline throughout the routine.



There are lots of different types of yoga you can do, and all of them have there own benefits and drawbacks.  They key is to figure out what’s best for you.  Find a local class and submerge yourself to build the habit.  If you work a lot and can’t squeeze in classes on a regular basis, then try an online course, which works just as well.  One that we highly recommend is  It’s perfect for beginners and veterans alike.  Whatever you decide on though, just make sure you stay consistent and soon you’ll see the amazing benefits yoga can offer!