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    CIRCLE-MED is a geographical group in the frame of CIRCLE 2 ERA-Net. It addresses issues of common interest to the Mediterranean countries. It aims at creating a Mediterranean research community network through collaborative research projects on Climate Change Impact Research, with the objective to bring the results of this research to policy and decision-makers. ... more about CIRCLE-MED

    CIRCLE-MED projects' situation:  Location of the leading research institution for each CIRCLE MED pilot call project, as well as the planned study sites. Click on the projects’ acronyms or on the study sites to access to the project or study site information.

    News & Updates

    5 Tips for better sleep for seniors

    As we grow old, we start realizing that our sleeping routine is changing very quickly. Sometimes, we wake up too early in the morning and sometimes, we can’t even manage to sleep throughout the night. The sleeping issues keep growing with the passage of time and we can’t find a proper solution to get rid of these issues. And finally, these issues lead us to several health issues like insomnia.

    If you believe that all these problems are due to your old age, then you’re completely wrong because there are several other elements that may affect your sleeping routine. The seniors should also take a good night sleep like the youngsters because it helps in improving their emotional and physical health. Most of the seniors do not pay much attention to these issues believing that it is a part of life. And as a result, several health issues put them in a greater trouble.

    The sleeping pills are not the right solution for these problems. You must consider following several natural ways that can help improve your sleeping routine. In this article, we are going to share some important tips that will help in making your sleep better. If you or any other member of your family is suffering from sleep problems, these tips are going to help you a lot.

    Here are the 5 important tips that can help improve the sleeping routine for seniors.

    Stick to a regular bedtime

    You must start following a proper routine for going to bed and then waking up in the morning. Once you start following a proper routine, your mind and body start adjusting themselves according to that routine and as a result, you feel a better change in your sleeping habits.

    Take a warm bath

    Start taking a bath before going to the bed. The change in your body’s temperature will help you feel relaxed and you’ll easily be able to sleep at night.

    Take time to calm down

    The electric devices like mobile, laptops and television are a major headache these days. You must consider turning them off an hour before you turn off the lights. Book reading or listening to music can be a better way of passing the time before going to sleep.

    Better mattress

    Your mattress can also be a major reason behind your sleeping problems. You must consider buying a good quality mattress that can make you feel comfortable at night. Click Here and see how a bad quality mattress can affect your sleeping routine.

    Avoid afternoon naps

    The afternoon naps can also make it difficult for you to sleep at night because once you have taken enough sleep in the morning, your body won’t feel tired during the night and it won’t let you sleep properly. Click Here and see some other tips on how seniors can improve their sleeping routine.

    hawaii luau

    Why Luau’s in Hawaii are great for culture and fun

    One cannot go to Hawaii without attending the most popular entertainment on the island. A traditional Hawaiian luau is an all-round performance which brings you excitement and joy but also gives you an insight into Hawaiian culture and life.

    In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the question of why a Hawaii luau is such a great event for having fun while learning about the culture of the island at the same time.


    There are different types of Hawaii dance that you’ll be seeing on the luau. Besides the traditional hula dance, one can attend a show with dancing acts from other Polynesian islands, like Samoa or Tahiti. These exotic dance acts are prevalent and fun because they include not just authentic costumes and dance moves, but additional props, like fire or knife.hawaii luau


    Unique music accompanies a traditional Hawaiian luau. The base of this music is drumming, which together with the dance and costumes offers a pure spectacle for visitors. Polynesian people are known for celebrating major life events with musical and dance acts. So, if you decide to attend a luau in Hawaii, you’ll enjoy their excellent performance.


    A luau is an all-round experience, which entails different acts and parts. The dynamics of the luau is achieved with individual acts, like dancing with fire or with knives. The fun elements of the show are carefully planned so that visitors get the ultimate experience of the Hawaiian culture. Some luaus, however, are specifically designed to be top-class entertaining acts. They include not just dance attractions, but also dramatic acts or comedy acts by local performers.  


    hawaii luauHawaii luau is not only about dancing and music. A significant part of the luau is dedicated to the food, which is specially prepared to represent some of a unique traditional dishes of the Islands. A typical luau feast usually takes place on the beach, and the food is sometimes prepared in front of the guests. A traditional luau feast includes specialties like kalua pig, Lau, poi, lomilomi salmon, or spiced rice. There’s also the taste of different exotic fruits and plants like mango, coconut or taro, which give a unique flavor to the luau. Check out this link to explore the taste of traditional cuisine of Hawaii.

    A family experience

    A luau is not a one-man-show; it’s a family experience. Whether you’re attending a luau with your family or not, you will get the sense of belonging which is a part of every luau on Hawaii. The purpose of a luau is gathering and celebrating life. The various activities incorporated in a luau is the example of Polynesian cultural diversity, which is represented by different dance acts and cuisine.

    Nevertheless, if you decide to invest your time in attending a traditional Hawaii luau, you won’t regret the decision. Besides having a perfect time with friends, family or by yourself, you’ll get the unique chance to dive into the Polynesian culture and lifestyle. A luau is all about having fun and celebrating life and love, which is an experience you’ll bring as most valuable of them all.