Light sleepers usually find difficult to stay asleep for more than a couple of hours. Noise that is coming from your next door neighbours or traffic is not only disturbing but also dangerous.


If you’re not spending at least 6 hours sleeping, your body and mind will eventually suffer. You will be losing your concentration, won’t be able to focus on your job, won’t be productive or energized – and the list just goes on and on.


Is there anything you can do to avoid bad sleep?


The solution


One of the most effective ways to decrease outside noise in order to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer hours is to use earplugs. For some people, earplugs can be annoying because they are pressing the inside of your ear which can feel uncomfortable. Luckily, most gets used to the pressure very soon.


Since they are applied directly into your ear, they cover the ear hole and thus prevent noise and loud sounds to be heard. In some cases, earplugs can only partially prevent noise, which makes users rush into conclusion that they won’t allow you to sleep better.


How do earplugs work?


In order to get a better uninterrupted sleep, you should buy earplugs that are made of wax or are custom made. Not only it will fit into your ear well, they will cover your ear hole in the right way and prevent the noise from coming into your ear.

Earplugs should be maintained properly in order to last longer and prevent spreading ear infection or other medical condition.

When you insert an earplug, you will be hearing partial sounds, but in a silent volume or you won’t be hearing anything, depending on the volume of the outside noise. However, earplugs cannot prevent vibrations or buzzing sounds – that’s something you still will be hearing, but to a less extent.

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What a better sleep means?


A better sleep is not only a silent sleep. Sometimes you have trouble sleeping uninterrupted because of some other issues, that are psychological in nature. For example, if you’re going through a hard week at work and you are exhausted and under constant pressure, your thoughts will be running wild the second you go to sleep. You will be thinking about the things that worry or frighten you, and that can also affects the quality of your sleep.


Luckily, earplugs can prevent your crazy train of thoughts to crash – when you insert them, you will be focused on the absence of sound and external noise. This should prevent your mind to think about something else. By focusing on the moment, you will gradually become more relaxed and eventually fall to sleep.


There are also several other factors that determine the quality of your sleep. However, earplugs cannot help you with severe sleep or psychological disorders, but can help you reduce external noise and calm yourself down to the point of relaxation.


Using earplugs can change your night routine. That way, you will wake up more energized and fresh.