In today’s business world, basic employee benefits like group life, health and disability are no longer perks—they are a fundamental necessity in any compensation package.

We can help your business offer cost-effective and competitive benefits packages to employees. Our specialists will analyze your business and HR needs and offer your products and services in keeping with your budget.

Belmont Financial Group works with all major group benefits providers to offer our clients the most comprehensive plans at the best price. And with our efficient and employee-friendly claims processing systems, your company will save on internal human resources and benefits administration costs.

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Are You Prepared?

Most healthy people take their health and agility for granted.  Unfortunately, many of us will experience some form of disability in our lifetime, either short or long term, from either illness or accident.  Imagine if you were suddenly unable to work for six months, or a year, or two years or more?  How would that affect your lifestyle?  Would you be able to stay on your feet financially if you were off your feet physically?

Group Disability insurance provides protection against these periods of disability.  If you become disabled, you can apply for benefits after satisfying the waiting period and be assessed by the insurance company’s disability team.  If approved, the benefit pays up to 66.67% of your monthly pre-disability earnings, which means you can get better without worrying about your finances.  Details of group disability plans vary, but they are all geared towards making sure you are protected while also giving you the best group rate possible.

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